LED Sign Sales

LED Digital Signs and Billboards for Any Application

LED signs attract attention to your business or venue. PixelBoom Media Ltd.’s selection of digital signage, digital outdoor signs and mobile LED billboards, meet the needs of small businesses, franchises, car dealerships, even churches looking to create exposure to their services. Movie Theaters appreciate our programmable outdoor LED signage because movie details can be quickly and easily changed. Our signs can display the current date, time and temperature which allows your business to be of service to the community.

Companies are choosing to advertise with LED signs and billboards instead of traditional signs and paper billboards to take advantage of the few seconds they have to capture an individual’s attention and sustain it.

LED Signs are one of the easiest ways to advertise. When placed in a high traffic, high exposure area, an outdoor LED sign is proven to have the highest marketing return on investment. They can increase your store’s visibility by 900% – what business couldn’t use that kind of exposure to establish their brand and increase visibility? You can offer the best services in the world, but if you don’t advertise correctly, you will not compete in today’s competitive market.


Some Completed Projects

8x14ft P6mm LED Screen

Blood Tribe Recreation Centre – Stand Off

17 x 10 P6mm Double Sided LED Screen

Lethbridge College, Lethbridge, AB

10x20 P16 - Digital Billboard

Prairie Rose School Div #8 – Hwy 1 Dunmore, AB

6x8 P10 - Digital Billboard

Eagle Butte High School – Dunmore Alberta

4x8 P10 - Digital Billboard

Senator Gershaw School, Bow Island

8x8 P16 – Digital Billboard

Cool Dental, Lethbridge

10x20-P16 – Traditional Digital Billboard

SIGNPATICO OUTDOOR Inc. – 14505 Yellowhead Hwy, Edmonton

6X8 P10 – Digital Billboard

Edge School – Calgary AB

Mobile LED

Custom Built Multiple Sizes and Options

5x17ft P8 Double Sided Digital Sign

Flames Community Arena – Calgary AB

5.25x11ft P10mm Double Sided Digital Sign

Canadian Tire Whitecourt, AB

10x20 P10 Digital Billboard

Coutts AB Hwy 4
Pixelboom Media Family Pet Hospital Digital Sign

6x12 P16 - Digital Sign

Family Pet Hospital – Lethbridge AB

8x16 P16 - Digital Billboard

Real Estate Centre – I Beam, Taber AB

3x8 P10 - Digital Billboard

Cardston Pharmasave – Temple City Drugs

6X10 P12 – Traditional Digital Billboard

Dental Works, Lethbridge

4x8 P10 – Digital Billboard

Taber IGA

Honda Generators in Our Mobile LED

Mobile LED Sign

4x8 P10 – Digital Billboard

C0-op Gas Bar – Strachan Road SE – Medicine Hat

4x8 P8 Digital Sign

Stow Away RV Storage, Calgary AB

3x6ft P6.67 Double-Sided Digital Sign

Village Of Clinton BC