Our products feature cutting edge technology.

PixelBoom Media Ltd. has been in the Advertising business for over a decade. Our LED Sign Manufacturer has been a leader in the industry of LED display signs for over 10 years.  All of our products are made with cutting edge technologies. Our state of the art daylight sensor technology automatically dims to draw out ambient light levels and decreases light pollution. This technology extends the lifespan of your sign, keeping bulbs bright for years.

At PixelBoom Media Ltd. safety is a top priority.  All of our digital signage has been engineered to meet or exceed all industry standards.

We put the concerns of the impact of adverse weather on your digital billboard to rest with our automatic cooling sensor technology built into every board. This technology actually regulates internal temperatures for optimum component longevity. Because of our advances in technology, our billboards typically outlast those of our competitors.

We use VideoStar, which allows customers to easily configure and program sales and promotions onto their signage themselves. We are readily available to help all of our customers troubleshoot any problems they may face in a timely manner. The software is designed to be direct and user-friendly, so all customers, even those who lack confidence with technology, can navigate the system.

All of our LED systems contain these integrated technologies.


State of the art daylight sensor technology
that automatically dims to ambient light levels
to decrease light pollution and increase LED life longevity


State of the art heat sink technology
( regulates internal temperatures for optimum component longevity)


InteLED ® Reporting technology which can automatically
send scheduling, proof of play, performance
and error messages reports to you or your clients


High-grade light weight IP68 Rated weatherproof
aluminum cabinets withstand all types of weather conditions


Sealed component technology
(eliminates internal dust and debris)


Protruding grill face that protects
against vandalism and damage (rocks, bottles etc)

We have many networking options available to best suit your needs. Please contact us directly at 403-315-3214 to talk with one of our expert technicians to find out the best solution for your company.
LED Media Software

PixelBoom Media Ltd. has access to developed stable LED software that ranks among the most innovative today and you will be hard pressed to find a billboard company that utilizes the cutting-edge software that PixelBoom Media Ltd has access to. We use VideoStar software. With our clients’ feedback in mind, this software is designed to be intuitive and allows for creative options. Our VideoStar software equips the customer to be able to configure and program their electronic sign themselves from a secure web-based server.

Our support team is always available to provide quick troubleshooting and programming support.
Whether you are a small or large company, a franchise or locally owned business, LED signage options are here for you. With flexible leasing options, businesses working with different budgets can now use our billboard advertising and digital outdoor signs to advertise.


If you require software support for programming your LED sign please contact wilmer@pixelboom.ca